AGM 2021


Dear Members,

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic things are a little different at this present time.

As our AGM approaches, we have been advised by head office to run our AGM virtually.

This will mean holding our AGM via Zoom online video call. Our AGM will be the same date and time as planned.  Saturday 13th March 2021 4.30pm start (prompt) Zoom will open at 4.15pm

How to Attend?

If you wish to attend our AGM you will need to send the following details to our DA secretary by the 10th March 2021,

Full Name

Contact number

A photo, copy of your membership card (must be able to see number and expiry date)

Any requests to join after 10th March 2021 cannot be added.

Once your email is received Gillian will respond once she has added you to the attendance sheet.

Email address

What happens next?

We will email you an invite to the meeting on March 11th by 5pm. If you have not received the link by this time please email Gillian. The meeting will open at 4.15pm ready for a 4.30pm start if you’re not in the meeting at this time the meeting will unfortunately start without you.

To enter the meeting all you need to do is click on the link sent via email and if asked for Password or ID code they will also be attached to email.

At the bottom left of the screen will have a symbol of some headphones you will need to click on this to enter audio mode (sometimes your asked upon logging in) Once your in the room we ask if you can turn off your mics off so that there isn’t a lot of noise.

Once you’re in you will also be asked to show your membership card so please have these with you.

Unfortunately, we cannot wait for people to join the meeting however we will have minutes available once they have been produced should they wish to have a copy.

More information?

Please contact Gillian on the address above should you have anyquestions.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all in our AGM 2021.

Durham DA committee









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